SigmaStar released three series of chips: Xuanyuan, Yueying and Jianglong, Leading AI Everywhere

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On October 27, SigmaStar, a leading domestic supplier of AI camera system chips and solutions, held a 2019 new product conference in Shenzhen with the theme of “Leading AI Everywhere”, and released AI new products of three major product lines of SigmaStar Technology: Intelligent display----Xuanyuan series SSD201 and SSD202D; Vehicle intelligent DVR----Yueying series SSC8629D, SSC8629Q and SSC8668G, SSC8539; Intelligent security---- Dragon subduing series SSC336D/Q, SSC338G, SSC339G, SSR621D/Q,etc.,and invited many partners such as SenseTime, AWINIC, MindStar, ICETech, Aiwinn, CalmCar and so on to witness.

Mr. Lin Yongyu, chairman and general manager of SigmaStar

SigmaStar team originates from MStar, focusing on research and development of security, intelligent assistant driving, Internet of things and smart home. The products cover IP Cam, USB Cam, Car Cam, NVR, DVR, motion camera, smart home and intelligent display.

In just three years since its establishment, SigmaStar has made little achievements in the industry. In 2018, the company's 1080p high-definition dash cam chip ranked first in the market share of the industry; the USB camera chip ranked first in the market share of the industry in 2018; the security monitoring chip ranked first in the market share of the world in 2018; and the Smart Display chip market share grew rapidly.

Mr. Lin Yongyu, chairman and general manager of SigmaStar, introduced on the spot: "our goal is to become the world's number one in multiple market segments. We have this background, and we are also in this layout. We have the advantages of IP, channel, supply chain and SOC system design. With an open mind, we hope to build a cooperation platform for chip design and promote the development of the platform. Sound development of the industry.

"This year, our revenue has exceeded US $100 million, and our shipment has exceeded 80 million." Lin Yongyu said that SigmaStar is committed to leading AI technology to be implemented in various daily scenarios. Through the in-depth research and development of core technologies such as audio codec, video codec, artificial intelligence processor, intelligent display, WiFi transmission, etc., SigmaStar has made great achievements in many AI application fields such as intelligent security, intelligent display, intelligent home, intelligent driving, etc. Making AI technology affordable, well used and widely used is the long-term vision and pursuit of SigmaStar.

Release Xuanyuan series SSD201 and SSD202D intelligent display chips

At present, artificial intelligence technology has gradually enabled intelligent machines to realize the transformation from "understanding the physical world" to "personalized scene landing". Like TV, mobile phone and other industries, they have experienced the changes from analog to digital, from digital to intelligent. Small screen display is also experiencing this process. Intelligent display terminals will greatly improve efficiency and humanization. How to define intelligence? Can it be displayed?

Ben.chen, the market leader of SigmaStar display chip, said that intelligent display is mainly to solve the problem of intelligent information presentation and human-computer interaction, which requires intelligent display with multi network connection, multi windows, touch control and voice interaction features. Among them, multi network connection is to solve the problem of interconnection, information source processing and more humanized control. For display equipment, it is not only an end, but also a small center, which plays a role of connecting peripheral equipment and display control function. Display equipment plays a role of a small center in this network, which is to connect and control other functions. Equipment and the ability to process IOT information in a timely manner.

Multi windows is to improve the efficiency of information processing. Multi windows make information more intuitive and interactive. With the continuous progress of big data and algorithms, AI is developing rapidly, and voice interaction is becoming more and more mature, and voice interaction is the best way of human-computer interaction at present, especially in the case of more and more equipment functions, which is more appropriate, less cost increase, and more convenient to use.

Based on these considerations, SigmaStar launched the Xuanyuan series of intelligent display products SSD201 and SSD202D chip solutions at this conference, supporting the application requirements of multi network connection, multi windows, touch control and voice interaction, so as to make the intelligent display more human-oriented.

According to the introduction, SigmaStar Xuanyuan series chips are used in building intercom, smart home, white / kitchen display and control, and various HMI products. The Xuanyuan series of SigmaStar will help the intelligent landing of display field and improve product value!

Release the smart DVR chip of Yueying series SSC8629D, SSC8629Q, SSC8668G and SSC8539

In addition to releasing new products in the field of intelligent display, SigmaStar also released the series of Yueying vehicle intelligent DVR products SSC8629D, SSC8629Q,SSC8668G,SSC8539, providing multi-core arm, independently developed AI NPU processor, DSP and other versions to partners for differential application algorithm development.

In the vehicle intelligent DVR products, the high resolution video processing can make users restore more real driving scenes, the car owners can preview high-quality images in real time, at the same time, it can ensure effective video forensics, high-quality video sharing and other follow-up operations, supplemented by the advanced encoding format H.264/H.265, which can greatly improve the compression efficiency and the utilization of storage space. SigmaStar Yueying series has a deep accumulation in high-resolution video pre-processing / post-processing, encoding and decoding, such as Hd 1080p, Ultra HD 4K, etc., and it can access multi-channel video for processing at the same time, so as to meet the demand of differentiated application in vehicle DVR market.

In addition, industrial vehicles and quasi front loading / front loading vehicles have high standard safety level requirements for SOC, which need to be able to withstand the requirements of wide range temperature fluctuations. For these markets, SigmaStar has launched a series of relevant chips that meet the industrial temperature characteristics and AEC-Q100 certification to meet the product requirements.

Jay.zhu, market leader of Yueying series chips of SigmaStar, said that with the rapid development of the automobile industry, more and more functions such as vehicle video real-time monitoring, storage and sharing are appearing in the vehicle product form based on the consideration of driving safety, and intelligent applications are also growing year by year. Since the beginning of its development, SigmaStar's automotive chips have been committed to focusing on the core capabilities of video image processing, constantly meeting customer needs, and striving to create the best automotive electronic semiconductor products in China.

Release the intelligent security chip of Jianglong series SSC336D/Q, SSC339G and SSR621D/Q

At the conference, SigmaStar finally released the Dragon subduing series of IPC chips: SSC336D/Q,SSC338G,SSC339Gcan be applied to the fields of acousto-optic warning camera / home AI camera / face access attendance payment / intelligent community parking lot / intelligent video conference system / 4K large screen AI interaction; ssr621D / Q can be applied to the fields of 4 / 8 / 16 NVR main control, family private cloud, etc.

At present, there are very few intelligent IPC chips in the market that can provide high-quality image effect, good algorithm compatibility, low power consumption and people-friendly price, and there is also a lack of NVR chip with high decoding ability, high resolution support and high integration, which are essential to promote the intelligent popularization of security.

SigmaStar security product line is a chip product line dedicated to video monitoring equipment, smart home and data AI analysis. From the camera responsible for image acquisition and video coding, to the hard disk video recorder for storage, decoding and display, to the terminal for edge computing, SigmaStar chip products are everywhere. According to the introduction, SigmaStar always keeps exploring the first audio and video technology and AI technology, and constantly improves the ISP processing algorithm: to improve the clarity of the picture, the reducibility of color, and the transparency of night vision. And constantly study AI processing technology to create an AI engine for video data analysis - "dragon subduing", which has the characteristics of low power consumption, flexible support architecture, good compatibility, and agile development.

"At present, we have released as many as six series of security IPC main control chips and NVR chips. Together with major partners, we are committed to making AI technology affordable, well used and widely used to satisfy customers." He Xiaoming, market leader of Jianglong series of smart chips, said that with the popularity of high-definition video monitoring and the development of artificial intelligence algorithm, the market has given birth to the demand for smart home, smart transportation, smart city, safe city, and Xueliang project. The industry demand has changed from clear to clear. If the massive high-definition data are all handled by the platform, it will cause the problem of huge computation and time lag, and the market demand for edge end intelligence will skyrocket.

As a whole, with the support of Xuanyuan series intelligent display chip, Yueying series vehicle intelligent DVR chip, Jianglong series intelligent security chip and other new products, the AI chip product coverage will be more comprehensive, and the vision of "leading AI technology to enable all walks of life and let AI technology enter thousands of households" will be truly realized in the fields of vehicle electronics, security, Internet of things and intelligent home.