SigmaStar is optimistic about the future of artificial intelligence, and its revenue is expected to exceed 1 billion next year

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On December 14, the 2019 technology exchange forum of "5G ignites new perception and new application" core run Technology Fund was held in Shenzhen. This forum is jointly sponsored by SigmaStar and Qixiang international, Haoshanghao group, Xinzhi holding, jiangbolong, Songhe dream, and xinpao Technology Fund. It aims to gather industry experts and industry representatives to discuss new perception methods and new application landing in 5G era through the form of technology exchange forum.

Round table discussion on 2019 technology exchange forum of core technology fund

In the round table discussion of the forum, the guests made in-depth discussion on how to understand "why the era of artificial intelligence will be different". As a representative of industrial enterprises, Lin Yongyu, chairman and general manager of SigmaStar  and founder of core run club, shared the views on 5G and artificial intelligence. He believes that only the landing of application scenarios can further promote the development of 5G, 3D intelligent perception and other technologies.

Lin Yongyu (middle), chairman and general manager of SigmaStar and founder of xinpaohui, shares his views

"Now we are facing a very good period of 5G development. The state has invested heavily to promote the development of 5G technology." For the future under 5G, he said there will be many opportunities for AI. "It may not be so clear at today's time point, but as long as we seize the trend and core key points and work hard, we will always find new opportunities in the original industries and channels. And new opportunities and artificial intelligence, 5G, new generation technology can be brought online. "

According to it, SigmaStar has developed rapidly in the past two years, which is also based on the 4G and 5G era of fengfengkou. It is likely to grow exponentially in the future, and its revenue is expected to exceed 1 billion yuan next year.

It is reported that in 2019, SigmaStar scientific and technological achievements are frequent. Not long ago, it released AI new products of Xuanyuan, Yueying and Dragon subduing product lines in Shenzhen, as well as obtained the recognition of national high-tech enterprises.