Ready to go, draw the star path together! Sigmastar annual conference held successfully!

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Say goodbye to the old and welcome thenew. The annual meeting of sigma star came as scheduled, and the big family ofsigma star came together. Looking back on the past, in 2019, we braveddifficulties and made great achievements. Looking forward to the future, we setnew goals and write down our expectations and dreams for the New Year!

Afeast at the end of the year

The grand ceremony of the annual meetingis composed of three annual meetings of the headquarters and the branches,namely, the annual summing up meeting and the tail teeth activity of sigmastarSZ 2019 "ready to develop and draw together" jointly held by Xiamenheadquarters and Shenzhen Branch, the dinner party of sigmastar sh 2020 annualmeeting of "thank you for creating a miracle" held by ShanghaiBranch, and the annual meeting of Taiwan. Three feast at the end of the year isa happy time to get together and share. Thank you for your hard work in thepast year!

Imaginethe future and start a new starting point

At the annual meeting, the leaders ofvarious product lines of sigma star summarized one by one, shared theachievements of 2019 with their families, and planned the 2020 goals and marketstrategies.

Mr. Lin Yongyu, chairman and generalmanager of sigma star, made a summary speech at the annual meeting and made anew vision for the new year.In 2020, SigmaStar is bound to make another success!

Recognitionof excellence and respect for the striver

Our achievements in 2019 are inseparablefrom the efforts and efforts of our family. Excellent family members arededicated to their respective posts. Thank you for making sigma star better andbetter! You are worthy of respect. You are an example and model for the sigmastar family!

Versatile,warm and energetic

"The wolf disco", "thesong burning", "Picasso", "Four Little Swans","deer be free", "journey to the West past life and presentlife" Songs, dances, skits and other wonderful performances, as well asinteresting games such as "photo punch", "finger catching","super model competition". Family members are not only good at work,but also versatile in performance. In the laughter, it's the youth and vitalityof the family and the warm atmosphere of sigma star family!

Themost exciting moment

It is the most exciting moment throughoutthe lottery of the annual meeting. Awards continue to push the atmosphere ofthe annual meeting to the highest point. We are not only the most happy annualmeeting, but also the most hi annual meeting!

Loveeach other, we are family

Sigma star is a warm family. In this bigfamily, we gain the sense of achievement brought by work and feel the joy ofcreating miracles together. Thanks for our fate, let's gather in the big familyof sigma star, let's go hand in hand to create a grand new future and have agood time!

Yesterday's glory and harvest belong to history, and a new hope andjourney are under way.