Internship recruitment

The Sigmastar internship program offers a wide range of career learning opportunities and wonderful life experiences.

Planning purposes

Sigmastar's internship program offers you valuable opportunities to improve your professional skills and communication skills through training and teamwork, in addition to investing in challenging projects with industry experts to create unlimited possibilities.

Major Practice Areas

Hardware Engineering, Software Engineering, System Engineering, Algorithms and Architecture, etc.

Application for Qualification

The Sigmastar internship program welcomes students who are currently in their third year or above. Bachelor's, Master's and PhD candidates are eligible to apply.

Planning features

  • The company within Sigmastar Group provides a wide range of internship opportunities: Sigmastar is headquartered in Xiamen, and has R&D centers, marketing services and technical support centers in Taiwan, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places in China. According to your professional and personal expertise, we will arrange an internship in the right company and position for you.
  • Challenging Project Work: Every Sigmastar employee is an important part of the national team. Everyone works together to develop world-class products. As an intern, you will play an important role in the company.
  • Industry expert guidance: Sigmastar interns are trained by technical leaders and mentors in the field to lead the learning and understanding of cutting-edge technologies in the field.
  • Workplace Talent Sharing: The Sigmastar internship program invites experienced employees to talk, share their work experience in Sigmastar, and give career planning advice to the technology industry.
  • Employment opportunities: Participate in Sigmastar internship program. For outstanding students, they will get full-time Offer ahead of time, and the probable rate will be corrected ahead of time.
  • Recruitment process:


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    Contact person: Ms. Wu

    Contact number: 0592-2510098 to 8100


    Address: 15th Floor, Area A, Innovation Building, Phase I, Zengcuo West Road Software Park, Siming District, Xiamen City