About SigmaStar

SigmaStar Technology, originating from the Smart Camera Business Department of MStar Semiconductor, Inc., was founded in 2017, with its focuses placed on consumer electronics, security, Internet-of-Things, and multimedia artificial intelligence chips. The company offers a rich portfolio of products ranging from IP Cam, USB Cam, NVR, DVR, automotive electronics, action camera, smart home, to intelligent displayer, among others.
SigmaStar Technology has profound experiences throughout the whole SoC design process, as well as persistent devotion to the independent research and development of key IPs. The company has leading advantages in many areas including Image Signal Processing (ISP), coding and decoding of audio and video, display processing, and is currently moving forward towards the research and development of chips utilizing emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence. In the segment of full-HD driving recorder, SigmaStar Technology has demonstrated an extraordinary shipment volume that is second to none around the world. Likewise remarkable is the shipment volume for the digital network camera and network video recorder market, now ranked second, worldwide.  In the display field, the company also maintains a market leading position.
Headquartered in Xiamen, SigmaStar Technology has R&D centres, marketing service and technical support teams in Taiwan, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places, and sales bases in the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia. At present, the SigmaStar Technology Group employs more than 300 people; among them, more than 90% are top R&D talents from all over the world. This strong R&D force,coupled with the company’s comprehensive service capabilities, enables SigmaStar Technology to provide global customers and consumers with highly competitive and highly integrated system chips and solutions, in additional to strong localized technical service.
Adhering to the core concept of “Quality, Service, Innovation, and Win-Win,”the company will continuously invest in core technology for global customers and create values for both customers and society, in a bid to becoming a global influential chip-design company.

Corporate Culture