Cotex-A9 dual core
4K/30fps H.264/H.265 encode/decode
MACE, the MStar Advanced Color Engine
Audio Encoder/Decoder ADPCM/G.711/G.726 Audio 3A (AEC/ANR/ALC)
CEVA-XM6 DSP integrated for deep learning and AI
Rich input/output interface
Industrial-grade temperature range (-40°-+85°) Contact Sales

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The SSC8668G adopts ARM dual-core CPU architecture and integrates high performance video DSP NEON accelerator. The chip supports up to 8-channel video parallel input, LVDS/AHD/MIPI video input and output, in BGA package with industrial-grade specifications, and is suitable for use in high-performance scenarios such as vehicle multi-channel monitoring, 360 degree panoramic system, etc. With built-in DSP, it can develop multi-scene application algorithms such as DMS/ADAS/BSD. 
1. 360 degree panoramic camera
2. Vehicle surveillance solution (integrated DMS/ADAS/BSD algorithms)

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