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  7. Application

Job responsibilities
1. Responsible for the development of embedded software system

2.Responsible for application development

3.Cooperate with hardware engineer to debug hardware and software parameters and solve problems

4.Assist in product testing and validation

1.Bachelor degree or above, major in Electronic Information Engineering, Science and Technology, Computer Science, etc.

2.Familiar with C/C++ development

3.Familiar with Linux system development

4.Proficiency in debugging tools under Linux.

5.Strong English reading and writing ability, strong learning ability and strong resistance to pressure

Job responsibilities
1、 Responsible for Sigmastar graphics chip driver development

2、 Responsible for docking and performance optimization of graphical UI frame (DFB, MINIGUI) on sigmstar chip

3、 Optimizing the quality of graphics display, debugging and solving the problems of graphics quality

1、Proficiency in C/C++ programming

2、Familiar with Linux Embedded Programming

3、be familiar with DFB/MINIGUI/QT/OpenGL Other related engines are preferred

Job responsibilities
1.Responsible for the development and implementation of intelligent coding turnkey scheme on Sigmstar platform.

2.Integrating Sigmastar's existing CV& AI shape recognition algorithm, generating ROI and ISP parameters, and controlling sigmastar encoder and ISP module to adjust the coding parameters in time to achieve the goal of reducing code rate and improving user's subjective evaluation.

3.Based on the latest AI network research results, expand and develop new commercial intelligent algorithms

4.Integrating Intelligent Algorithms Provided by Third Party Companies into Sigmastar Intelligent Coding Module

5.Provide technical guidance, performance tuning, problem location and other support to customers and third-party algorithm companies in the docking and development of our company's intelligent algorithm module.

1.Understand TENSORFLOW&&CAFFE Frame

2.Understanding the Basic Principles of Video Coding

3.Understand the operation principle of classical identification networks such as YOLOV2/Mobile SSD.

4.Proficient in C, C++ & amp; & amp; python programming languages.

5.Experience in image recognition or AI network application development is preferred.

6.Bachelor degree or above in key universities.

7.Diligent working attitude and positive team spirit.

Job responsibilities
1.Analyzing the design requirements of digital chips, defining module architecture and writing design documents;

2.Complete the RTL design of the front-end of the digital chip, and check through various tools.

3.Planning verification plan, writing test documents, completing module and system simulation;

4.Test chips, debug chips, and help solve customer production problems;

1.Master degree or above, major in Electronic Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, Microelectronics, Computer, etc.

2.Familiar with digital chip design process;

3.Excellent Verilog coding ability, deep understanding of design;

4.Familiar with C/C++ language, able to deeply understand C model;

5.Active, strong learning ability and research spirit.