SigmaStar is a young, creative, energetic company with an infinite bright future. We deeply believe that a group of people with common ideals can create extraordinary achievements. We are looking for world-class elites to join our world-class team, grow together and create brilliance! We will provide personalized and professional personnel training programs, competitive salaries and warm-hearted welfares. You are cordially invited to join us!

Learning and Development

Employees are our most valuable asset. We strive to provide you with the best working environment, so that every employee can feel inspiration and respect. We provide a comprehensive and individualized talent development plan to upgrade professional skills in a one-to-one mentoring model, improve comprehensive management capabilities through a series of management training, fully understand and nurture the growth of each partner.

Warmhearted Welfare

The welfares we offer vary from place to place, including but are not limited to employee bonuses, business insurance, equity incentives, paid travel at home and abroad, long term 12-day annual leave, health care services, group building activities, important role training and endless opportunities for developing expertise.

Join us and you will get/enjoy:

  • Perfect protection system and warmhearted welfare allowances: social insurance, accidental commercial insurance, housing accumulation fund, free-in-charge annual health examination, travel subsidy, team activities allowance, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, year-end banquet teeth and other holiday benefits, birthday gifts, 38 Women's Day benefits for famale staff, so  without worries!
  • Competitive Compensation System: All-round incentive measures such as project awards, year-end double pay, generous semi-annual performance bonus, year-end bonus, etc.
  • Corporate Equity Incentive System: An Incentive Mechanism for Companyies to Give a Certain Quantity of Primary Equity Subscription
  • In addition to the statutory annual leave, the company gives you extra paid annual leave, so that you can share a good life with your family!
  • Rich and colorful staff activities: outdoor development, club activities, group building, dinner and so on, let you experience the warmth of home!

Employee Elegance

Work is to make themselves and their families enjoy a better life. We encourage employees to travel, implement the concept of work-life balance, and promote the physical and mental balance of employees. The company not only provides more than the legal annual vacation days, but also provides collective or individual travel allowance plan, so that you can share leisure time with colleagues and family members after work.

Rich and colorful staff activities